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High-Quality Strong  Metal D-Rings O-Rings Loops Slider Bars Buckles for Webbing Strap Tape
Made of High-Quality Materials in EU.
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Free P&P. UK Stock. VAT Invoice on request. GB 203120092
color 2 pieces, 10 pieces, 20 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 pieces
size D Rings 10mm [P10], D Rings 12mm [P12], D Rings 16mm [P16], D Rings 20mm [P20], D Rings 25mm [P25], D Rings 30mm [P30], D Rings 35mm [P35], D Rings 40mm [P40], D Rings 50mm [P50], O Rings 12mm [KO12], O Rings 20mm [KO20], O Rings 30mm [KO30], O Rings 35mm [KO35], Sliding Bars 16mm [RE16], Sliding Bars 20mm [RE20], Sliding Bars 25mm [RE25], Sliding Bars 40mm [RE40], Sliding Bars 50mm [RE50], Oval Loops 10mm [RAO10], Oval Loops 15mm [RAO15], Oval Loops 20mm [RAO20], Oval Loops 25mm [RAO25], Oval Loops 30mm [RAO30], Oval Loops 40mm [RAO40], Oval Loops 50mm [RAO50], Rectangle Loops 20mm [PRA20..., Rectangle Loops 25mm [PRA25..., Rectangle Loops 40mm [PRA40..., Rectangle Loops 55mm [PRA55..., O Rings 25mm [KO25], Sliding Bars 30mm [RE30]
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